12 Week Challenge

Week three and a new outlook

It’s week three for me and now I’m feeling more human after being struck down with the lurgy last week I decided to have a new outlook and try and get myself back onto plan.
I’ve managed to get up earlier and be at the pool for 7am when it opens – am enjoying being back as it is kind of ‘me’ time away from the baby and the house and gives me a break to collect my thoughts. The clocks going back have helped make it easier for me to get up in the morning so am going to try and carry on with it every day during the week so I don’t get out of the habit. Of course, the exercise is also a massive benefit and I find it sets me up for the day if I go and have a swim first thing.
Even though I lost no weight this week I was happy to find out I have lost a total of 13.5cm from various parts of my body in the past two weeks, which kind of makes me feel better about the scales staying still. At least I know that some changes are still taking place and that in itself will help keep me motivated and give me the determination to really put in some effort with my exercise this week. Hopefully, the scales will move in a downward direction on Monday to motivate me even more.
Am really enjoying some of the supplements. I love the skinny shakes as they taste really nice and the skinny bars could almost pass for a naughty treat. Not so keen on the Thermogen or Body Perfect capsules though as they always seem to repeat on me and they leave a nasty taste in my throat – am prepared to put up with that for the sake of the plan though!
Keep up the good work guys. I’m off out for a walk with the pram seeing as the sun is out :o)