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Skinny Range

When we developed the Skinny range in 2006, the basis was to create a range of products that would be offer consumers healthier choices and have functional benefits.

The first product to be launched was Skinny Water, which was in response to high calorie, high sugar vitamin waters, that were launched around the same time. We felt that many vitamin waters gave the impression of being “healthy” when in fact, many many of them contained over 30g of sugar.

This then lead to the development of our Skinny Protein range following on from the success of Skinny Water, creating two low fat, low sugar skinny protein products. Both supplements are ideal for those who are looking to manage their weight effectively and perform their best and achieve their health and fitness goals.

With Skinny Water, we wanted a name that conveyed health and wellbeing. We felt that as many people were familiar with ordering skinny lattes (healthier, skimmed milk, low-fat lattes) and this name was a great fit for vitamin drinks that are actually healthy and contain zero sugar. Skinny Water contains zero sugar, zero calories with each variant fortified with micronutrients including chromium, Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin B vitamins.

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