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OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) is a trend that’s growing massively globally. Several of these type of events have been around for decades, but really it’s with the growth of the larger organisations that the sport has really taken off.

Understanding the rise in popularity and demand of quality nutrition, Bio-Synergy is the official sports nutrition partner of two of the fastest growing events in the category: Reaper Events and The Suffering Race.

The training sessions are different every time, interlacing strength and cardio work (think variations of HIIT) so keeps the body and mind on its toes! You will never get bored, the sessions generally involve bodyweight exercises but also working with irregular sized weights – car tyres / tractor tyres / barrels and this is great for building usable strength as you are constantly varying the muscle groups in use rather than one set fixed movement or action.

When competing in OCR, it is essential to equip yourself with quality sports supplements. The nutritional experts at Bio-Synergy have put together an exclusive collection of products to help you improve your performance and reach Elite status. #MakeItHappen

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