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Our Energy and Endurance Range

Energy & endurance

If you are thinking of taking on an endurance challenge or sport, whether that be cycling, running, triathlon or Cross Fit, then you will no doubt be following a demanding training schedule.

It is important to provide the body the nutrition that it needs, not only to support your training, but to improve your recovery and get the most from the time that you can dedicate to your training.

Bio-Synergy sports supplements have been supporting the goals of endurance athletes since 1997 which is why many enthusiasts and professional athletes include our award winning supplements in their daily regime.

To get the most from your training and to fuel your passion and make it happen we have curated a core range of products to support your goals.

As you would expect the selection includes products that contain carbohydrates and electrolytes for energy and hydration, but also includes high quality whey proteins for promoting lean muscle, amino acids and beetroot supplements for endurance and energy.


“I recommend Bio-Synergy to all my clients”.. Perry Sugarman, IronMan and UK Athletics (running) certified coach.

“The Power Beet Formula from Bio-Synergy seems to work well for powering my workouts and keeping me going when I would rather quit”. Triathlon Tutor Phil Batterson, IronMan

“The winner .. If it's nutritional content, you are concerned with then you can't beat Bio-Synergy. All of the proteins had good nutritional content but theirs was that much better”. Essential Cyclist

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We have formulated all our energy and endurance supplements to make sure that you are getting the energy you require over a long period of time making sure you have what it takes to take it to the next level while the competition around you begins to fade.