Bio-Synergy Skinny Protein®

Gain the muscle, lose the fat



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Deliciously smooth whey shake  |  23.4g protein  |  152mg green tea  |  75µg chromium  |  75mg L-carnitine  |  2.5g fat  |  100% natural ingredients

Is it possible to pack on muscle size without getting too bulky? If you’ve ever asked this question, Skinny Protein® is made just for you. It’s low in calories, fat and sugar but crammed full of quality whey, with 23.4g protein in every scoop.

Skinny Protein® also helps you control how much you eat during the day. The high protein content and thick consistency give you a satisfyingly full tummy, so you’re less hungry in between meals.

To make our Skinny Protein even ‘skinnier’, we added popular dieting ingredients including green tea and chromium to speed up your metabolism and curb your sugar cravings. With just 123 calories per serving, Skinny Protein® is the delicious, low fat way to hit your protein intake and weight loss goals. That’s why it was voted no.1 for weight loss by independent review sites and Your Fitness Magazine.



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Skinny Protein® is our most popular weight loss protein shake, and for good reason. It’s full of active ingredients that help you pack on lean muscle and strip away fat. Our formula mixes easily into a delicious shake that’s satisfyingly filling, so you aren’t ravenous in between meals and tempted by sugary nonsense.

With 100% natural ingredients, every serving contains 152mg green tea and guarana extracts, which can boost your metabolism, suppress your appetite and boost your energy levels, while 75µg chromium helps to curb sugar cravings. You also get L-carnitine, which has been known to aid fat metabolism (using body fat for energy).

Developed in 2009 – long before skinny or diet protein became popular – Skinny Protein® has helped tens of thousands of people to reach their physical goals. That’s why it’s been voted number one by leading women’s magazines and review sites.




While Skinny Protein® was developed to help people reach their physical goals, the ingredients in our formula are also great for hair, skin, nails and the immune system.



If you workout regularly – whether in the gym, at home or on the sports field – and you’re serious about sculpting a lean physique, then yes, it is.

Skinny Protein® is made for men and women who want to put on lean muscle and shed body fat, but don’t always have time to make diet-friendly snacks. With a host of active ingredients, our thick formula is filling and can help curb your daily calorie intake and sugar cravings.

While you can drink Skinny Protein® at any time of the day, we think it’s best as an after-workout snack.



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We search the UK for the highest quality whey ingredients with the best nutritional profile. Then, in our state of the art UK facility, we combine it with our unique 100% natural ingredients to create Skinny Protein®.

In every scoop of our 100% natural formula, you get a high quality source of whey protein, delicious flavours and slimming ingredients.


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Whey Protein Concentrate (Soya & Milk), Polydextrose, Flavouring, Green Tea Standardised Extract, L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate, Curcumin, Sweetener (Stevia), Calcium Pantothenate, Chromium Picolinate.
Mix one scoop of Skinny Protein® with 200-300ml of skimmed milk, water or your favourite milk alternative. Shake well.

"I am not a body builder but do a lot of fitness exercise. I use this as a post exercise drink as & count into my daily calories. It is filling & the strawberry tastes great. It can be mixed with milk (semi skimmed 300ml - 310 calories / with water 162 calories). Jonathan"

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