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Body Perfect Skinny Shake - meal replacement - 750g

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  • Ideal after exercise or between meals
  • Low fat, low calorie shake
  • Packed with protein
  • Delicious and easy to mix
  • Helps burn fat more efficiently
  • Contains green tea, l-carnitine & chromium
  • Noticeable results
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What is Bio-Synergy Skinny Meal Replacement?

Skinny Meal Replacement Shakes fit perfectly into a hectic lifestyle and can contribute to a well organised diet, helping you to meet your small regular meals. As a source of essential nutrients, these delicious and nutritious shakes will increase feelings of fullness whilst providing ingredients required to maintain a toned body.

Skinny Meal Replacement is packed with nutrients. Each delicious serving contains a blend of essential nutrients including protein and vitamins. It also contains a unique blend of green tea, helping to mobilise and burn fat as well as boost your energy levels. Each serving contains chromium which according the Food Standards Agency plays a role in reducing sugar cravings and may play a role in tackling Type 2 diabetes. Each serving contains l-carnitine (an amino acid) which has been the subject of numerous studies regarding fat metabolism.

Who is Bio-Synergy Skinny Meal Replacement for?

Skinny Meal Replacement shakes can help you lose weight by replacing meals with a healthy balance of protein and carbohydrates in the form of an easily consumable shake. Skinny Meal Replacement is ideal for anyone who is looking to lower their calorie intake, lose weight and aid recovery after exercise.

How to take Bio-Synergy Skinny Meal Replacement

Mix one scoop Skinny Meal Replacement with 200-300ml of skimmed milk, water or a suitable alternative. Shake well before use.

Ingredients and Nutritional Information

For allergens and nutritional information, view the Supplement Facts tab located on the right hand side of the Description tab.

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