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Size & Strength

Size & Strength

Packing on size and strength requires dedication, patience, commitment and the right diet to support your goals.

Strength and muscle mass are not only important for power lifters, physique competitors and body builders but for anyone who wants to reduce the risk of osteoporosis by increasing bone density.

The three key exercises associated with improving size and strength are deadlifts, squats and bench press and mastering these will provide the foundation that you need to make it happen. For tips and advice check out latest edition of TotalNRG and our blog NRGLite.

To achieve these goals your body relies on protein for recovery and muscle strength and subject to your training intensity and body weight you will need between 0.5g-3g of protein per kilo of body weight. If you want to save time and money a high quality protein such as Whey Better is the perfect solution. Whey Better is the king of protein powders, developed in 1997 it contains over 90g protein per 100g, 6.7g BCAA per serving and includes and unique blend of B vitamins for protein absorption, energy and muscle synthesis.

The other key to supplement if you want to increase muscle size, strength and explosive power is Creatine Plus, undoubtedly the most convenient, accurate and powerful creatine supplement. Since 1997 the unique two phase pack has fuelled teams including Arsenal and Olympic athletes to achieve their goals and more recently has been made the craetine of choice for fitness competitors, OCR’s and cross fit.

For even better results the addition of single amino acids, fat burners, BCAA’s and pre-workouts into your training programme can make a significant difference as can a high quality joint supplement.


Whey Better “UK’s most powerful protein”.. Men’s Health

“As one of the UK’s fastest growing fitness modelling competitions we rely on Bio-Synergy to fuel our competitors”. Stewart Armstrong, CEO & Founder Pure Elite

Creatine Plus “I think that this is one of the best Creatine products that we have tested 9/10”. UK Supplement reviews

The whey forward. Looking for a way to boost those muscle gains? Bio-Synergy’s Whey Hey Coconut Protein Powder mixes easily into a shake boasting 21.4g of protein! Women’s Fitness.

We have developed the optimum in sporting performance supplements to help you achieve and athletic, strong and powerful physique.