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You have found time to train, competed in an event now it is time for the most important part of your training, recovery.

Like warming up and stretching, recovery is often over looked and this is where you can let down an otherwise great regime, whatever your discipline recovery is essential if you want to make it happen.

It is for this reason, way back in 1999 Bio-Synergy was asked by the British and Irish Lions to develop Essential Sports Fuel which is the ultimate recovery drink, including simple and complex carbohydrates, high quality whey protein, amino acids and HMB.

Since then more research has been undertaken in the field of recovery and we have developed new and research backed products including PowerBeet and BCAA powder.

So if you are serious about achieving your goals, do not overlook the importance of recovery and providing the essential nutrients that your body needs.


“The winner .. If it's nutritional content you are concerned with then you can't beat Bio-Synergy. All of the proteins had good nutritional content but theirs was that much better”. Essential Cyclist
“I recommend Bio-Synergy to all my clients”.. Perry Sugarman, IronMan and UK Athletics certified coach.
“The Power Beet Formula from Bio-Synergy seems to work well for powering my workouts and keeping me going when I would rather quit”. Triathlon Tutor Phil Batterson, IronMan

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