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Lean Muscle

Lean Muscle

Packing on lean muscle requires the right training and a healthy eating plan incorporating all key micro and macro nutrients, sometimes however the demands of a busy lifestyle coupled with a demanding training schedule make it difficult.

The right high quality supplements will help provide the key nutrients that you need and even provide you with some added assistance in achieving your goal.

Increasing lean muscle not only improves your body’s ability to burn fat more efficiently (metabolism), but also improves your power output, which means that if you are participating in a sport that requires explosive power you will have it on tap, for a sprint finish or extra rep.

Bio-Synergy sports supplements have been supporting lean muscle goals since 1997 which is why many enthusiasts and professional athletes include our award winning supplements in their daily regime.

The sports supplements that support lean muscle include protein, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), Skinny Protein, HMB, creatine and fat burners.


“Whey better great product. 8.5/10” UK Supplement reviews

“The winner .. If it's nutritional content you are concerned with then you can't beat Bio-Synergy. All of the proteins had good nutritional content but theirs was that much better”. Essential Cyclist

“Body Perfect, 9/10” Daily Mail

“UK’s most powerful protein”.. Men’s Health

“As one of the UK’s fastest growing fitness modelling competitions we rely on Bio-Synergy to fuel our competitors”. Stewart Armstrong, CEO & Founder Pure Elite

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