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Weight Loss

Weight loss

Weight loss is not just about dieting and looking good for the beach or your favourite jeans, reducing body fat has numerous health and performance benefits.

If like our ambassadors who include fitness models, power lifters, triathletes, endurance runners, martial artists and dancers you too want to strengthen your core and reveal your six pack it is important to remember that abs are made in the kitchen, so pay close attention to what you eat and aim to make healthy choices.

To support your training and healthy eating Bio-Synergy since 1997 has used the latest research to develop a range of award winning supplements to support your weight loss goals, including Body Perfect, Thermogen, Define and Thermolean.

Different supplements work in different ways, some help reduce sugar cravings, whilst others boost your metabolism and help control your appetite. In some cases, a combination can be used for maximum results, or they can be used individually. If you want more advice why not read our blog NRGLite or send us an email makeithappen@bio-synergy.co.uk

Many of these products have featured on our famous Transformation Challenge where significant weight loss has been achieved and maintained.

Let us help you get to where you want to be. The Body Perfect and Skinny ranges have won numerous awards, so you can be assured that you are choosing a quality supplement to support your goals.


Bio-Synergy Body Perfect Green Coffee & Green Tea. Pop these on the shopping list to

support fat loss by enhancing your metabolism, improving fat-burning efficiency and minimising

cravings. Women’s Fitness

Bio-Synergy XPEL H20 are powerful water retention pills containing dandelion extract, which is a natural diuretic and helps remove toxins from the body. Your Fitness magazine.

“Body Perfect, 9/10” Daily Mail

“I like the flexibility and diversity of the range.. Whatever you need from energy, specific nutrition and even staying alert, I know the range won't let me down. Put it to the test." James Cracknell OBE, British rowing champion and double Olympic gold medallist