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Quality Assured

In 1997 Bio-Synergy was founded out of a passion for fitness and a desire to create the first clean, effective and high quality range of sports nutrition, to the support the goals of professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts to fuel their performance and Make it Happen.

Commitment to quality, honesty & innovation

  • Choosing Bio-Synergy is choosing a company committed to providing the best products with proven results.
  • From the very beginning all Bio-Synergy products have been manufactured in the UK to the highest standards and in-fact Bio-Synergy was probably the first brand back in the 90s to be Tested for athletes and we continue to have batches tested by LGC.
  • Bio-Synergy products are produced to the following quality standards ISO9002, BRC and EFSIS, we also send products to independent laboratories for testing notably LGC and Exova and can supply test certificates if required.
  • Bio-Synergy have also been members of UK Active since 1999 and sign up to their code of practice.
  • Our commitment to quality does not stop with the manufacturing.
  • The packaging used by Bio-Synergy is designed to give you as much information as possible, in a clear and honest way and to be functional, recyclable & stylish. We are committed to identifying the latest research & using this to not only develop new products, but provide you with the information that you need to make an informed decision.