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Pure Energy isotonic high performance energy drink - 1kg

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  • High performance isotonic formula 
  • Great supplement for boosting energy and hydration levels 
  • Ideal for endurance athletes 
  • Delicious, hydrating orange flavour 
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What is Bio-Synergy Pure Energy®?

Pure Energy® isotonic sports drink offers every athlete an effective solution to their hydration needs whilst also providing instant energy release for stamina and wellbeing. Formulated using proven sports science, Pure Energy was developed to help every athlete to maximise their performance and exercise with PB beating energy, stamina and hydration. 

Pure Energy® contains a unique blend of carbohydrates for advanced, slow releasing energy to help you achieve the most out of your training and athletic performance. #MakeItHappen 

Who is Bio-Synergy Pure Energy® for?

Pure Energy® is the ideal supplement for those who want to increase their energy levels and performance before they train. Contains an exclusive fast-acting blend energy-boosting carbohydrates, you can rely on Pure Energy® to give you the boost you need. Pure Energy® is flavoured using natural orange and is free from artificial sweeteners.

How to take Bio-Synergy Pure Energy®

To get the most out of your day, workout or training, add 1 scoop (30g) to 1 litre of water and shake, ideally use a sports bottle or shaker. If exercising, ensure that you are hydrated beforehand, by drinking 1/3 and then sip throughout your workout. Make sure you have some when you have finished too. If using after a heavy day or just to keep you feeling energised, then mix as above and sip throughout the day.

Ingredients and Nutritional Information

For allergens and nutritional information, view the Supplement Facts tab located on the right hand side of the Description tab.


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This product is a must for training isotonic / electrolyte drink to keep you fueled / hydrated. I love it