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100% pure egg white power



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100% natural pure egg whites  |  Over 84% protein  |  Lactose free  |  Gluten free  |  Fat free  |  GMO free  |  Only 1.8g carbs

Healthier, leaner, stronger and fitter. If these are your physical goals, we can help you achieve them on your Paleo diet. Our 100% natural Paleo Protein has over 84% protein in every scoop, making it ideal for repairing and growing lean muscle.

Adding our Paleo Protein pure egg whites into your routine is a great way to achieve a slim physique. Building new muscle gives you a faster metabolism and a faster metabolism means more calories burned. What’s more, Paleo Protein helps keep you feeling fuller for longer, allowing you to curb those snack cravings.

We know what you put into your body matters to you, so it matters to us. Our 100% organic protein powder is dairy free, made from free range eggs and includes none of the nasty ingredients found in other protein powders.



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Our 100% egg white powder is a truly Paleo-friendly, high protein formula, containing no dairy, legumes or grains. Paleo Protein is made from fresh organic eggs, sourced from farms in the UK, so you can be sure you’re getting the quality you expect from Bio-Synergy.

While Paleo Protein is ideal for anyone following a Paleo diet, it’s also a great protein source for any athlete. With over 84% protein in every serving, our formula delivers a steady sustained-release of amino acids to the muscles, making it ideal at bedtime when your next meal is hours away. The high protein content also helps you feel fuller for longer.

Paleo Protein is an excellent alternative if you’re lactose intolerant or have a milk allergy. Free from fat and cholesterol, while also low in carbohydrates, Paleo Protein is perfect as a pre or post workout recovery shake, as well as a great protein-boosting ingredient in the kitchen.




Paleo Protein isn’t just for cavemen. Our 100% natural egg white powder has many benefits for every type of athlete who wants to repair and grow lean muscle.



If you follow a Paleo diet and want to improve your physical performance, then yes it is. But even if you aren’t on a Paleo diet, you can benefit from Paleo Protein.

Whatever your sport, if you’re upping your training and you want to make real progress, you’re going to need an extra boost in protein. The 100% natural egg white protein in Paleo Protein® is designed to provide you with a complete amino acid profile for repairing and building muscle.

If you’re a food allergy or intolerance sufferer, you’ll be pleased to know Paleo Protein is free from soya, dairy and gluten.



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We’ve sourced 100% organic egg whites  to achieve a superior quality product. You can also be sure we haven’t added any nasty ingredients to bulk up our powder. All you get is 100% egg white protein, prepared for you in state of the art facilities, right here in the UK.


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Organic Egg Albumen
Mix 1 scoop with 200-300ml of water, milk or your favourite milk alternative and shake well. For maximum results, take 2-3 servings per day.

"Really great dairy free protein option. all the whey betters are virtuall lactose free but if you need to avoid totally this is a great option! Luke"

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