Lean & Green®

100% natural vegan protein



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100% natural raw vegan protein  |  Over 21g protein  |  2.8g BCAAs  |  L-Glutamine  |  No hemp or soya  |  0g sugar  |  2.3g fat

Being vegan or vegetarian doesn’t mean compromising on your performance goals. Get the results you’re dreaming of with Lean & Green® – one of the most powerful vegan proteins you’ll find anywhere. Our unique formula packs in 22g protein per 30g serving with no sugar and just 2.3g fat.

Lean & Green® is developed from the highest quality natural ingredients, which include pea protein isolate and brown rice protein.

Unlike most other vegan proteins on the market, Lean & Green® is entirely free from soya and hemp, with no gluten and dairy too. We’ve added L-glutamine for its ‘must-have’ amino acid profile, while pea, buckwheat and brown rice proteins are included for their unique flavour and quality protein content.

We’re not the only ones who think it’s great. Leading magazines including Women’s Health give it rave reviews for effectiveness and flavor. It’s also been Informed-Sport tested and approved for competitive athletes.

So, whatever your sport, however far you push your body, Lean & Green® is the perfect partner to support your muscle growth and recovery. It’s also the ideal compliment to your vegan diet, helping you meet your protein needs.



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Combining quality pea protein isolate and brown rice protein, Lean & Green® is a super high protein powder created specifically for vegans – and it’s completely free of soya, dairy and hemp.

Our unique blend of all-natural protein sources is packed with BCAAs and other essential amino acids, fuelling you with an impressive 22g of protein per 30g serving – perfect for all your performance goals. It’s also exceptionally rich in arginine, lysine, leucine, and branched chain amino acids, necessary for energy and wellbeing.

You’ll like Lean & Green® for its healthy and natural source of protein, but you’ll love it for its taste. Our Butterscotch and Mint Chocolate taste like dessert. Even non-vegans choose it when they need a change from their usual protein.

Plus, Lean & Green® is manufactured right here in the UK. This helps us maintain our OCD-levels of quality assurance. And we’re constantly keeping a watchful eye on production to ensure these standards never slip.




The Land Rover BAR team, winners of the America’s Cup World Series, are big fans of Lean & Green, and make it an important part of their meat-free Monday routine. No wonder they’re the world’s most sustainable yacht racing team.



If you’re vegan or vegetarian and you want to improve your physical performance, then yes it is.

Whatever your sport, if you’re upping your training and you want to make real progress, you’re going to need an extra boost in protein. The raw, plant-based protein in Lean & Green® is designed to provide you with a complete amino acid profile – as complete as most whey proteins.

If you’re an allergy sufferer or have an intolerance, you’ll be pleased to know Lean & Green® is free from soya, dairy and gluten.

Lean & Green® is also perfect for supporting your vegan lifestyle, helping you add a protein kick to your diet.



You’ll find a wide range of options from Bio-Synergy, including our pre-workout and energy powders such as Insanity, BCAA Powder, Matcha Green Tea Powder, Activeman Energy Charge and many others.



We’ve sourced the finest quality pea and rice ingredients from the UK to achieve a higher protein content than most other vegan proteins. We also add Himalayan Rock Salt to enhance the flavor.


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Organic Pea Protein Isolate, Natural Flavouring, Rice Protein, Buckwheat, L-Glutamine, Natural Sweetener (Stevia), Green Tea Extract, Himalayan Pink Salt.
Add 1 serving (30g scoop) to 200-300ml of water, smoothie or juice. Best enjoyed 20-30 minutes before training, post workout and in the morning. Take 2-3 servings per day for maximum results.

"Normally I use dairy proteins but wanted to try a vegan shake, as I expected it does not taste as good, but having done some research this generally the case. What I liked about it was the high protein content and that it had no artificial ingredients. When mixed with a smoothie, juice or non-dairy milk mixed really well and tasted as expected, I also tried adding to a high protein recipe and was great."

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