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How to boost the intensity of your workout

Body Perfect Monday
Article written by Fitness model, PT and Bio-Synergy ambassador Lisa Wilkinson.
HIIT – (High-Intensity Interval Training) Means altering high to low intensity in measured spurts of exercise. It is considered to be a much more effective and increasingly popular way to burn more fat and calories in a short period of time. For most people and certainly the main reason why I love HIIT workouts, is the ability to keep your body burning fat after the workout, thanks to its unique effect on the metabolism. Another reason why I’m a big fan of HIIT workouts is the fact that it’s the ideal workout for if like me, you have a busy schedule. As research has shown you can achieve more progress in 15 minutes of interval training, (three times per week) than the girl jogging on the treadmill for an hour. Another big advantage is HIIT training will boost your overall endurance. Therefore, you should get fitter, quicker too. All this plus you don’t even need any equipment to do and can do it anywhere. No excuses! What more is there left to say, other than HIIT it!
Lifting Heavier Weights – Weight training builds lean muscle. Lifting helps your brain, heart, hormones and metabolism, not to mention its ability to slow down the ageing process – bonus! The more muscle you build the more you’ll keep burning fat all day long. Lifting heavier weights will not only reduce your body fat and give you leaner muscle mass, it will also fire up your metabolism to burn more calories and therefore you lose body fat quicker. I was once a cardio queen, and more recently I’ve started to mix up my workouts and lift heavier weights, in doing this I have noticed a big difference in my body fat percentage, tone and overall health.
Changing Your Routine – I’m a big fan of switching up your workout routines. Not only so you don’t get bored, but more importantly to keep your body guessing which in turn improves your overall endurance and calorie-burning. If your body gets used to doing the same fitness workouts all the time it can cause you to plateau. So therefore my best advice is to keep mixing things up and surprising your body, so you can avoid these plateaus and boost your workouts from becoming stale and boring. After all, variety is the spice of life!

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