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Football Training Session with Kirsty Allen

Kirsty 5
This week marks #GirlsFootballWeek so we had our very own Kirsty Allen provide us with an example training session that she would normally go through with her team Notts County.
Small sided (3v3) pressing drill.
Session focus:
• Pressing distance, when to press and when not to press.
• Recognising pressing queues, such as a poor pass from attackers (slow, bouncing etc), poor body shape to receive, poor touches.
• Pressing as a unit of 3, using queues off one and other to press players into a certain direction; to cut off the attacking teams passing options to regain possession quickly and effectively.
• Team depth, angle & team balance when attacking or defending to score/ prevent opposition scoring.
• Tracking runners whilst maintaining eye-contact with ball & developing play.
• Defending against wall-passes & movement of attacking team.
footy pitch
Session outline:
9 blues and 9 reds are organised into groups of three at opposite ends of the practice.
The groups of three are 5 yards apart and face the opposition at the opposite end of the area.
The blue team attack their opponents with the aim of moving the ball into the opposite end-zone. If the defending team are successful in regaining possession they attempt to counter-attack and move the ball into their end zone.
Practice Organisation
• Area of 30x18yds; with 5yd channels at each end of practice.
• 18 players organized into 6 groups of 3.
• Supply of balls, with coach for instant restart.
• Groups of 3 are 5yds apart, facing opposition on either end of area.
• Practice starts with: ball fed-in by coach to one team who proceed to attack opponents 3v3 & 
 move the ball (under control) into opponents end zone to score.
Key Coaching Points:

• Make your decision early whether you’ve got to attack or defend.
• Take personal responsibility for opponent when deciding to defend 1v1.
• Press, cover, support & track opponents.
• Concentration & managing player inter-changes of position, as a unit of three.
• Recognising pressing queues, such as a poor pass from attackers (slow, bouncing etc) , poor body shape to receive, poor touches. Then press quickly as a unit to cut off space preventing the attacking team from playing out and scoring; regain possession and counter attack.
• Add 1 player on each side line to assist team in possession & increase potential to make wall- passes – which will create more difficulty by overloading the defending side.
• Change the 
service from the coach, such as throw the ball in the air
testing players control or even rolling the ball in slowly so the receiving team has less time to make their first pass, this is also a pressing queue for defending side so invites pressure instantly onto attacking team.
• Attacking team must play off one or two touches.
• Change the 5 yard scoring end zone to the corners of the grid, where the objective is to score in either corner of what was the 5 yard zone. This stretches and progresses the practice as theres now two goals each end to attack or defend.