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Fat Burners

All the weight training, cardio training and endless sets of reps will not create a lean, toned physique without a well managed nutritional regime.

Any fat loss programme needs to include a focus on decreasing caloripic intake while increasing caloripic expenditure (eating less and exercising more).

To burn fat we must create what is known as an ‘energy deficit’ (the result of eating less and exercising more). When this occurs, your body is forced to break down and use its stored energy (body fat) for fuel to make up for the ‘energy deficit’. This process of releasing and burning stored body fat is called biolysis.

Some natural ingredients work by interacting with certain receptors on fat cells which signal the release of stored fat. This interaction may help to accelerate the process of lipolysis (or the release of fat to be burned as energy). There is one other factor involved in the fat-loss battle, which is the tendency for your body to slow down its metabolism to compensate for the energy deficit. Simply put, your body is trying to conserve energy (its fat stores) because it thinks that it is starving.

This is one reason why some dieters ‘hit the wall’ and seem to plateau once they reach a certain body fat %. To overcome this problem, we can use supplements to ‘rev’ up the metabolis

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