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Essential Sports Fuel™ - 1.065kg

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  • All round recovery & performance drink
  • Essential Sports Fuel is a complete sports
  • Developed with the British & Irish Lions 
  • Ideal for anyone looking to maximise performance
  • Key ingredients to maximise recovery l-glutamine, protein & carbohydrates
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What is Bio-Synergy Essential Sports Fuel®?

The UK's original all-in-one shake developed for the British and Irish Lions in 1999 for muscle-growth, gains in lean muscle, strength, power and recovery.
Essential Sports Fuel®is a convenient muscle and size shake that's guaranteed to help you optimise the results you get from your weight training and nutrition plan. Essential Sports Fuel® has been delivering results for since 1999.

Who is Bio-Synergy Essential Sports Fuel® for?

Bio-Synergy Essential Sports Fuel® is packed with the best whey protein to assist lean muscle growth and recovery. Additionally, Essential Sports Fuel® is also packed with l- glutamine to aid muscle repair and recovery. Research suggests l-glutamine is essential for anyone exercising regularly.

Some athletes can have high intakes of l-glutamine because of their high energy and protein intakes and also because they consume protein supplements, protein hydrolysates, and free amino acids. Prolonged exercise and periods of heavy training are associated with a decrease in the plasma glutamine concentration and this has been suggested to be a potential cause of the exercise-induced immune impairment and increased susceptibility to infection in athletes. 

Learn more about Essential Sports Fuel® in this video. Each serving contains Beta-Hydroxy beta-methylbtyric acid which has been shown in studies by Nissen et al to increase lean muscle and prevent muscle breakdown. Contains the Branch Chain Amino Acids, leucine, valine and isoleucine which are key amino acids for muscle recovery. Additionally, you can learn more about Essential Sports Fuel® and post workout supplements in this article

How to take Bio-Synergy Essential Sports Fuel®

Essential Sports Fuel® is best enjoyed with 200-300ml of water, milk or a suitable alternative post exercise to kickstart your recovery. For maximum results, take 2-3 servings per day. 

Ingredients and Nutritional Information

For allergens and nutritional information, view the Supplement Facts tab located on the right hand side of the Description tab.

My other half uses this when he's out cycling. He's is pretty fussy when it comes to refuel drinks but admits that this is one of the best tasting ones he has tried and supports him well during his ride.

I really rate this product, it mixes well and tastes great - and offers the ulitmate recovery after hard training sessions of multi day events / races.