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Creatine Plus Strength - 125 capsules

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  • High strength capsule formulation
  • Award winning
  • Most effective Creatine supplement on the market
  • Noticeable results within one month
  • Tried and tested by over 100,000 consumers
  • Supported by extensive research on strength & performance
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What is Creatine Plus®?

Bio-Synergy Creatine Plus® is the world’s first encapsulated creatine formula in a two phase pack. Since 1997 Creatine Plus® has been the go to product for anyone looking to improve strength, stamina and performance.

Creatine is undoubtedly the most effective and well researched sports supplement and is supported by peer reviewed studies, foremost amongst those is the research undertaken by Professor Paul Greenhaff.

Bio-Synergy Creatine Plus®  strength contains 125, 800mg capsules each containing 100% pure creatine monohydrate, which makes it both convenient and effective and has been rated 9/10 by UK Supplement Reviews.

So whether you are a gym goer, strength or endurance athlete Bio-Synergy Creatine Plus® is guaranteed to deliver results.

Who is Creatine Plus® Suitable for?

Bio-Synergy Creatine Plus® has numerous benefits so is ideal for strength, endurance and power training alike. Creatine has been shown to boost gains in lean muscle mass, strength and power and is suitable for those looking to improve muscular endurance, stamina, energy and reduce total body fat.

How to use Creatine Plus®

Take four capsules per day with water.


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Great product, Bio started out in in Creatine. handy way to ensure you keep topped up leading into a competition