• For every £1 you spend, you get £0.10 back in points, which equates to a massive 10%
  • You will receive points on qualifying purchases at the rate notified from time to time by the display of notices on www.bio-synergy.uk.
  • The number of points issued may vary between qualifying purchases. We will not exchange points for cash.
  • We can take any action we consider appropriate if we have reason to believe that you are abusing the scheme, including withholding points previously credited to your account.
  • Bio-Synergy can cancel or withdraw the scheme or any individual Card at any time.
  • We can change the terms & conditions of the scheme. We’ll always give notice of changes. We’ll display notices on www.bio-synergy.co.uk.
  • Points will usually be added to your account at the time you buy products included in the scheme.
  • We might change the number of points you collect on products and services included in the scheme. We’ll let you know with notices on www.bio-synergy.co.uk.
  • Points are not available on gift vouchers/cards or delivery charges.
  • During triple points events items which are already included in additional, double, or triple points promotions are excluded.
  • You cannot make a part payment of points towards a product or service. You must collect the full amount of points needed for the product you choose. These will be deducted from the total on your account.
  • You won’t qualify for points or extra point offers on products or services, which you pay for with points.
  • We can substitute or remove products and services and other third party products and services available for points collection and redemption.
  • To spend your points simply select any product with a “Price in points” value on the site. During checkout select “pay with points”. The total number of points will be deducted from your account.