What does a typical week’s training comprise of?

Monday- recovery session in the pool, weights and a low level cardio session. Review of the last game and preview next opponents.

Tue-speed,weights, units training lunch then whole squad session
Wed- day off
Thu-weights and then team session, kicking in afternoon
Friday-captains run through
Sun-day off


How do you prepare for games?

Very chilled day before game and day of game. We work hard earlier in the week so we can rest and fully prepared for the game.
Ritual – always look for my mum and dad and blow my mum a kiss……


What sparked your interest in Rugby and who was inspiration?

My brother playing sparked it off originally when I was about 5. And mates from school who convinced me to give up football and get back into rugby at 15.


What is your favourite exercise?

Bench- everybody loves bench


Which is your least favourite exercise?



What do you like about the York brand? Taste, quality, heritage, UK manufactured?

York brand is fresh, modern and the product looks good. Tastes nice and it obviously works! York Fitness equipment always had credibility in rugby market so it was a natural transition.


What is your favourite product and when do you use it?

I take recovery shake straight after a session and top up with a protein shake once or twice a week.


What is your favourite body part and your least favourite?

Favourite body part is my stomach and bum – that where’s there power comes from!….. and least favourite is my legs- could do with a couple more inches!


If you didn’t play rugby which sport would you choose?



How do you relax?

See my friends and family, play golf, cinema, fifa


What is your 1 rep max on the bench press?



What is your 1 rep max on squats?

180kg best ever


What is your favourite meal?



Cardio or weights, which is your favourite?



Favourite film?

Lord of the Rings


What keeps you motivated?

Trying to be the best and I love winning