Bio-Synergy 8-week Transformation

Bio-synergy’s Make it Happen 8-week transformation challenge is set to launch on May 1st 2019 and this year the prizes are bigger and better than ever.


For your chance to appear on a London bus for a whole year, secure a front cover on one of the UK’s largest health and fitness magazines, receive a free Pay-As-U-Gym day pass and to join the Bio-synergy team of athletes, make sure you sign up TODAY!

Whether you have a summer holiday coming up, a wedding or simply want to feel and look your best again, Bio-synergy’s 8-week ‘Make It Happen’ challenge promises to give you all the tools and inspiration required to exceed your health and fitness goals and look and feel better than ever this summer.

To qualify for the grand prize there is a £9.99 entry fee and we ask you to please fill out the Transformation Questionnaire and The Terms and Conditions (Terms and Conditions can be found below) and send it to before May 1st with the subject line ‘First Name – Last Name -8- Week Challenge’.

In return, ALL entries will receive an 8-week exercise and nutrition plan valued at over £300 (weight loss or lean muscle building), a free day pass at one of Pay-As-U-Gym’s 2,000 UK gym locations and will be entitled to a 25% discount on any further supplements purchased throughout the transformation.

Upon completion of the challenge, each participant will be required to supply a variety of after images which will be used to select 6 finalists. Our team of 4 in house judges will then select 1 male and 1 female winner and award them their grand prize at The Bio-synergy HQ in August 2019.

Participants in the previous transformation Challenge lost an average of 2 stone and started themselves on the path to fitness and happiness. Make 2019 the year you made it happen!

Deadline to enter = May 1st 2019


Earn up to 100 Points.


Terms and Conditions

Congratulations on being accepted for Bio-synergy’s 8-week Make It Happen Challenge. If you’re interested in participating in the program, please carefully read the terms below and return the formed signed and ready to proceed with the Challenge.

To the participant, Bio-Synergy will provide the following:

  • 8-week exercise and nutrition plan valued at over £300
  • An ongoing discount code offering 25% off all supplements for the duration of the challenge.
  • A free one-day gym pass at over 2,000 Pay-as-U-Gym locations nationwide
  • Access to the Bio-Synergy nutrition and exercise experts
  • Tailored exercise program


In respect of the above, the participant will provide the following to Bio-Synergy

  • A one-time payment of £9.99
  • Keep a food diary, to be submitted at the end of the transformation
  • Keep an exercise diary, to be submitted at the end of the transformation
  • Provide weekly updates on the Bio-Synergy blog, and social media platforms
  • Provide before and after photos
  • Be available for press/TV interviews and photographs
  • To not use any other brand of supplements during the 8 weeks

If not complied too, Bio-Synergy will charge for the full price of any supplements shipped.