Before I founded Bio-Synergy, it was my dream to become a contender on Gladiators. To give myself the best chance of winning, I amped up my gym training and started taking supplements. Much to my disappointment, I found the products did not meet their promises and tasted worse than cough medicine. So in 1997, I put my Gladiators dream to one side (although years later we supplied the show) and launched Bio-Synergy. It was my passion for fitness and nutrition that drove me to create our first protein shake, as well as my dislike of drinking raw eggs (thanks, Rocky!). That shake and Creatine Plus was where it all started. From then on, my goal was to create the first clean, effective and high quality range of sports nutrition products to support the goals of all athletes, from elites to weekend warriors. I’m also proud to say we’ve been at the forefront of innovation ever since, launching the first all-in-one shake in 1999, the first ready-to-drink protein powder in 2000 and, unlike many of our competitors, we’ve never lowered the protein content of our powders. More than two decades later, over four million passionate sports and fitness enthusiasts have chosen Bio-Synergy to help them achieve their goals. Some professional athletes have even called us the best-kept secret in sport! It’s no exaggeration to say we’ve probably fuelled more gold medals, PBs and World Cup wins than any other brand. I would like to think it’s our commitment to quality that sets us apart. Since the very beginning, all Bio-Synergy products have been exclusively manufactured in the UK and we were probably the first brand to offer supplement testing for athletes, which is why as far back as 2002, we were the official supplier of the Commonwealth Games. In fact, we’ve been used by many of the world’s most respected athletes and teams, including: Mark Foster David Coulthard James Cracknell Padraig Harrington Will Greenwood Land Rover BAR The British and Irish Lions The Basketball, Ice Hockey and Rugby Leagues Premier Rugby The Boxing Board of Control Commonwealth Games We also believe that taste is as important as function. That’s why all our products are taste-tested. We also conduct surveys before a product is released to make sure the flavour is delicious. We think you should look forward to drinking or eating our supplements, so they become a welcome part of your everyday life, rather than a chore. We strive to develop new products and improve our lines constantly. We listen to the feedback our customers give us and put their requests into action. When nutritionists for the Commonwealth Games needed a clean energy drink for competing athletes of all shapes and sizes, we made it happen. I think this proves that we are committed to identifying the latest research and using this to not only develop new products but to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. We hope you’ll agree. We wish you all the success you deserve in your sport. And thank you for making us part of your journey.

Yours in fitness,



Since 1997 Bio-Synergy has been committed to developing innovative, high quality sports supplements that are produced in the UK to the highest standards to ensure that they are effective and taste great. With so many brands to choose from, we thought rather than tell you in our own words we would let the results do the talking: Strong beginnings that have proved sustainable 1997 Arsenal and Saracens start using the products 1998 Bio-Synergy made official suppliers to the Basket Ball League 1999 British & Irish Lions use Bio-Synergy products and Win the Tour 2000 Mark Foster breaks 50m World Record using Bio-Synergy products 2001 Bio-Synergy become official suppliers to the World Boxing Federation & receive approval from the Boxing Board of Control 2001 Bio-Synergy become official suppliers to Premier Rugby and the Rugby Football League 2002 Bio-Synergy become official drink supplier to the Commonwealth Games 2002 Bio-Synergy create a range for David Coulthard 2017 Official suppliers to LandRover BAR, Derby FC, Scottish Hockey 2017 Sports Nutrition Brand of The Year.


“I recommend Bio-Synergy to all my clients” – Perry Sugarman, IronMan and UK Athletics (running) certified coach “UK’s most powerful protein” – Men’s Health “The (protein) ready to drinks went down really well with all the runners. I think they’ve been great post-race to help everyone recover. Really big thanks for your continued support this year” – Cancer Research “Bio-Synergy great range of products is broad enough to cater for all goals yet not over-complicated by having 20 different versions of each supplement which I’ve seen too many times. You guys know what works and don’t hedge your bets, this gives me the confidence to trust in the brand and the goods in the tub.” – Darren Grigas, Marathon De Sable finisher and endurance athlete “The winner. If it’s nutritional content you are concerned with then you can’t beat Bio-Synergy. All of the proteins had good nutritional content but theirs was that much better” – Essential Cyclist “My choice for sports nutrition. Bio-Synergy” – Adam Hamilton Team GB triathlete “Body Perfect, 9/10” – Daily Mail “Whey better great product. 8.5/10” – UK Supplement reviews “I think that this is one of the best Creatine products that we have tested 9/10” – UK Supplement reviews



Since 1997 Bio-Synergy has been committed to inspiring others to not only live a healthier lifestyle and achieve their goals but to provide assistance to causes and charities who strive to lack after the vulnerable in society or in tackling some of the biggest diseases facing the world today. Over the last 20 years we have donated 100’000’s of drinks to those running, swimming, walking and cycling for charity and in addition to much needed financial aid. For over a decade we have worked with UNICEF, Sports Aid, Cancer Research, British Lung Foundation, British Heart Foundation among others. We are also proud to have supported lesser known charities including Seb4Chuf (read Ivan’s story), Spin for Grenfell, Diane Fossey Foundation and Kevin Betts who ran 52 marathons in 52 weeks to raise awareness for Mind.



Bio-Synergy literally means “working with life” and our mission since 1997 has to been to develop effective products that allow you to be your best, whilst doing our best to reduce the impact on our planet. Since 1997 Bio-Synergy has where possible sourced materials locally, manufactured in the UK and used packaging that is both recyclable and up-cyclable. Whether it is the UK spring water in our drinks or the protein in our powders we aim to reduce our carbon footprint.



Climate change is a global issue that requires commitment from all of us. A sustainable economy is a low-carbon growth economy. At Bio-Synergy we partner with others who are committed to reducing their carbon emissions and improve sustainability, which is why we use DPD for our logistics. We also realise that this is only one metric and are always open to new ideas and ways of improving. We strongly believe that sustainability is good business and have supported initiatives to raise awareness of our fragile planet.