Fitness Tip of the Week

3 Top Tips For Getting Into Fitness Modelling

curtis tips
Get a coach – I cant stress how important having a good coach is. After doing 3 shows without one and trying to manage my diet and training alone and now having a coach for my next show I know how beneficial it is having someone to give solutions when needed.
Research/learn and ask others – anyone can join a gym and begin lifting weights without knowing what they are doing but if you get some advice or take some time to learn what you want to do you will probably find you will achieve goals quicker or prevent injuries from exercising incorrectly.
DIET! – its no good putting all the work in in the gym if you are just going to grab a takeaway on the way home and wash it all done with a can of coke. Learning to prepare proper meals is something I’ve been challenging myself to do more and have found it to be more rewarding eating something I’ve cooked entirely myself from scratch and know exactly what I’m going to be putting into my body.
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