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Look Like Daniel Craig with this James Bond Spectre Workout

bond workout
Want to look like 007 this autumn? Based on multiple interviews with Daniel Craig, here is an all-around example of Daniel Craig’s workout and diet that he used to get in shape for the latest James Bond movie, Spectrum. #MakeItHappen 
Before we get to the workout, let’s talk diet. Here is a typical day for Daniel on his diet:

  • Breakfast: 2 Poached Eggs and 2 pieces of Toast
  • Snack: Protein Shake -or- fruits and Nuts
  • Lunch: Meat or Fish with small amount of Brown Rice -or- Baked Potato
  • Snack: Protein Shake -or- Yoghurt with some Nuts
  • Dinner: Meat -or- Fish with some type of Leafy Green Vegetables like Salad, Spinach, or Broccoli.

Because Daniel was more concerned with cutting body fat while building muscle, his carb intake was very low. If you’re on the bigger side of the spectrum and trying to slim down…this diet will work for you.
Let’s take a look at his full body circuit routine on Mondays and Friday On this day, Daniel would do 10 reps of each exercise and then move immediately onto the next exercise and do 10 reps, then move onto the next one.  He would do three complete circuits of these exercises, minimising rest.  If you don’t know some of these exercises, you can read about them on the MH website.

  1. Clean and Press
  2. Weighted Knee Raise
  3. Weighted Step-ups
  4. Pull ups
  5. Incline Push-up
  6. Triceps Dips

Here is the rest of his schedule; you can click on each day to see the specific exercises:

  • Tuesday: Chest and Back
  • Wednesday: Legs
  • Thursday: Shoulders and Arms