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There’s are a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding creatine. Some sources question its safety, suggesting that creatine may cause liver damage and dehydration.

Bio-Synergy believes (and University research has shown) that creatine is not only safe; it is the ‘one that works’. In other words, creatine definitely has attributes that support cell volumisation, recovery, strength and burst energy. we typically stay in creatine balance.

Creatine is probably the most widely used nutritional supplement and seems to have universal success in promoting gains in size and strength and Bio-Synergy was the first company back in 1997 to pioneer the two phase pack and capsule formulation.

Creatine is naturally formed in the liver through a chemical process that combines several amino acids together. On average our bodies produce and use approximately two grams of creatine each day and under normal conditions, creatine is also found naturally occurring in animal proteins such as chicken, beef and fish. For example a pound of raw beef contains around 1.8g – 2.2g of Creatine.

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